UsingTechIf you are familiar with Marzano’s book, Classroom Instruction That Works, soon there will be a spin-off that incoporates technology into the mix. It’s called Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works and is published by ASCD. I have been working with Marzano’s text for the past two years and am anxious to see what new strategies I can pick up for using my classroom technology more effectively.


4 thoughts on “Marzano+tech

  1. Hello Patty, I am Matt Kuhn, one of Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works co-authors. I appreciate the plug for the book. I look forward to your feedback and hope you like it. I will be starting an Online Learning Community (OLC) for up to eight schools in the Mountain Time Zone for the 2007-8 school year as professional development based on the new book. A short movie explaining the OLC can be found at We have 6 schools signed up and room for 2 more. If anyone is interested, they can contact me at Enjoy the book!


  2. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the information, and I’ll pass it along to others that may be interested. In 2005-2006 I was one of ten teachers in SW WA State who participated in the Sustainable Classroom Grant through ESD 112 (see the Sustainable Classroom tab on the top menu). We focused on using interactive technology to support Marzano’s nine instructional strategies, and I’m anxious to see how our work and conclusions fit with your book.


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