New Hitachi whiteboard & Mult-e-Math

I’m at the AP Calculus workshop this week but I was able to attend a meeting yesterday where Hitachi presented some new technology.

starboard_multemathsFirst, they showed us their new Mult-e-Math software by Hitachi-Cambridge. This software has virtual manipulatives for probability and stats, graphing, number sense such as fraction modeling, and too many other things to list. Click here to see a demo or download the “lite” version, you’ll find it here. I’m excited to begin using this software this school year and will post more as I learn the features it has available.

Second, I got to see their new electronic whiteboard (FX 2 series) that should be available in October. It has several new features such as small programmable buttons on both sides of the board, but one feature that I really like is the board’s capability to have two students working simultaneously. That would be great for data collection, for having cooperative groups share information, and for brainstorming sessions.

Third, Hitachi America has launched a new teacher resource center where they have several sample lessons available for download. Hitachi is currently working on content development so the number of lessons available will grow considerably during the coming months.


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