AP Calculus Summer Institute

calcoverviewI spent last week at the AP Calculus Summer Institute in Vancouver, WA. I took the AP Calculus AB (experienced) session with instructor Sharon Cade. I was glad to have her as an instructor again; I took a week-long workshop from her a few years ago at PLU and learned so much. I gained a lot of insight during this session into the reading and scoring of the AP exam which will definitely help me better prepare my students next year. Besides the calculus, I also love her team-building activities and definitely plan to use them this year. I think they get kids in the right frame of mind, and they are fun. I know I learn more if I’m having a little fun. 🙂  The experienced session was also great because I got great ideas for lessons and incorporating technology from the other teachers in my session.

Here are a few math and tech highlights from the week:


One thought on “AP Calculus Summer Institute

  1. don’t know how i arrived at your blog,but i’m
    glad i did! very impressive! please keep up the good work.i only wish that as a student
    years ago, that i had had teachers with half as much as your dedication, inspiration, and caring as is displayed in all of your pages.


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