Unit Circle features interactive Gizmos which look like great tools for modeling math concepts on the interactive whiteboard. Gizmos are available for Grades 6 – 12 as well as College Algebra and Pre Calculus. The calculus teacher in me loved the Riemann Sum Gizmo although I was disappointed to see a lack of other calculus gizmos available.

I liked the Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations Gizmo because it requires students to create a model of the problem and then actively work to solve it. The gizmo also paused at key steps which provides the opportunity for students to hypothesize and discuss the mathematics before the gizmo continues and shows the answer. I didn’t care for this Adding and Subtracting Integers Gizmo as much because it seemed to spit out answer the answer before the student had the chance to think about it; I preferred the Adding and Subtracting Integers with Chips Gizmo that was more interactive and required students to actively model the problem and provide the answer themselves.

Gizmos can be used for 5 minutes at a time for free; longer sessions require a subscription. I did find it annoying that no price list is available online 😦 but they do supply a phone number and contact form.


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