In PodScreenMathSlideSketchCasting, Jon Udell discusses sketchcasting by Richard Ziade and compares it to mathcasts by Tim Fahlberg.

My students and I began creating mathcasts two years ago after with Tim Fahlberg – what a great guy! I’ve always called them mathcasts since that’s the term Tim used, but in fact we use a combination of techniques and many of our mathcasts are sketchcasts about math. Jon is right when he says:

As words suffixed with cast proliferate — pod, screen, math, sketch, slide — it can all seem a bit bewildering.

Whatever you call it, it is a great learning tool in the classroom that allows you to personally listen to every student as they talk and write about (insert subject area). You can use a wide range of technology but if you’ve got an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, it probably has built-in screenrecording capabilities that make this a piece of cake. Give it a try!


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