Two fantastic (free) magazines – and free is good :)

Edutopia Magazine publishes stories of innovative teaching and learning through a variety of media — a magazine, e-newsletters, DVDs, books, and their web site. You’ll find detailed articles, in-depth case studies, research summaries, short documentary segments, expert interviews, and links to hundreds of relevant resources. You’ll also be able to participate as a member of an online community of people actively working to reinvent schools for the twenty-first century. To understand more about why they are passionate about their work, see their Big Ideas for Better Schools and what Edutopia’s founder and chairman, George Lucas, has to say about education.

T.H.E. Journal (Technology Horizons in Education Journal) contains news, trends, and “how-to” features for K-12 technology decision-makers. Featured topics include networking, security, policy and advocacy, telecom, hardware/software, the smart classroom, mobile computing and wireless, eLearning, technology funding, professional development, technology support–all the important issues for administration and teaching. Each month, T.H.E. Journal also contains product reviews, best practices, peer-written articles, and “in-the-trenches” reporting. T.H.E. Journal’s franchise consists of the monthly magazine, two Web sites ( and, four newsletters (K-12 Tech Trends, T.H.E. SmartClassroom, EduHound Weekly, and T.H.E. Focus), T.H.E. Institute (research, consulting and professional development), and targeted list rental opportunities.


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