Math online

Next year I will have the opportunity to teach one section of mathematics as an online course. I’m working with one of our English teachers right now to develop our “wish list” if features that we would like to have for our online class. Here are some things I am considering:

  • I plan to create mathcasts of daily lessons using my Hitachi Starboard so that students still have the experience of seeing and hearing mathematics. Using Camtasia Studio, some of these mathcasts will have embedded assessments within them and results will collected.
  • I want a forum where students can post questions to me or other students.
  • I want students to have access to assignments and assessments online.
  • I want a way to engage in live group chat with audio and with shared access to my Hitachi Starboard.

The mathcasts, forum and assignments/assessments will be easy enough since I’m already using these with my regular classes, but I’m not sure how exactly to accomplish the chat. However, I have the privilege of working with a fantastic tech department here in Woodland School District that has worked very hard in the past to make my wish lists become reality, so I’m sure they’ll find a way to pull it off. However, I am taking over some homemade chocolate chip cookies today; never hurts to sweeten the deal. 🙂 cookie


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