Picture perfect

After our study of composition of ordinates and harmonic analysis, my Pre Calculus students were given the task of creating a picture drawn completely with equations. Their project had to include at least one sinusoid with a variable axis and at least one with a variable amplitude, and they had to include any necessary domain restrictions. Here are some of this year’s projects:

 Headphone Pre-Cal Man, by Elliott Beach scene, by Tessa 

Rainbow, by Brittany Kiss, by Kaylie 

They used TI Connect software to download their graphs from their graphing calculators and then edited/colored them in Paint.

Another student used WinPlot software (a free download) to create his project:

Blinky & PacMan, by Ross

Here are some more projects from previous years:

Snowboarder grinding on a rail, by Justin Jellyfish, by Melissa UFO Attack!, by Zach


3 thoughts on “Picture perfect

  1. Cool assignment and great results!!

    Two questions (requests really):

    (1) Was this assignment explained to the students verbally or did you hand out some sort of criteria/guidelines/description of it?

    (2) How did you assess their work?

    (3) How much time did they have to do this? Or is it an end-of-course/pre-exam/synthesis activity?

    OK, I lied. Three questions. You know what they say, there are 3 types of people in the world: those who can count and those who can’t. 😉



  2. We created our grading rubric as a class. When I do this, I generally start it off by putting in the criteria that are non-negotiable to me, then they come up with the rest.

    I give them a fair amount of time for this. It’s harder than they think it will be. 🙂 We started it the week before winter break; I encouraged them to have it done before break but allowed them to turn it in the day we returned.


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