Moodling away…

working hard at Moodle BootcampDespite my long summer absence, I have been very busy preparing new technology for this upcoming school year. My most recent project is developing math courses using Moodle. Four of us (3 teachers and our tech director) attended the MUG NW Summer Moodle Bootcamp in July and two us us are currently participating in an online Moodle course, Create Powerful Online Learning with Moodle. We are also working on developing our Moodle courses for this upcoming school year; you can view my courses (they are works in progress!) at Woodland School District Courses. I would appreciate your feedback!

In the midst of all that, I spent two weeks in Maui which was fantastic – I snorkeled with a shark and a barracuda (not purposely, believe me!) and learned to surf! Click on the pics below if you’d like to see more Hawaii pics on Facebook. 🙂




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