$80 “SMART”boards???

With SMARTboard price tags around $2000, many teachers are looking for a way to get tech on the cheap. One school, LakeView Technology Academy, has found a way to create their own version of the electronic whiteboard for a fraction of the cost. For those who aren’t familiar with this technology, SMART boards are interactive white boards that basically allow the user to control a giant computer screen by touch. LakeView teachers have found a way to transform an existing set-up where laptops are projected onto regular whiteboards into modified “SMART” boards. Here’s a video and a link for more info.


5 thoughts on “$80 “SMART”boards???

  1. I made one of these last year. It’s true… about $80. It certainly doesn’t work as well as using a SMART Board. I would spend the few hundred dollars for an airliner.

    It was fun to make but the lighting conditions in the classroom need to be just right.


  2. I have an airliner and to tell you the truth, I’d rather walk around with a wireless mouse and keep a wireless keyboard handy. I’m no longer in the classroom but model these techniques with classroom teachers. Have you checked out Smart’s site lately? The SMART Table is coming out soon.. about $7,000 cdn.


  3. I have Hitachi equipment actually so I use my Starboard bluetooth tablet and love it. I do have a wireless mouse and keyboard that we use for some things but prefer the tablet. I’ll have to check out the table.


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