Get A Kid’s Eye View Of An Innovative Classroom…

adora-svitakEleven-year-old published author and seasoned teacher Adora Svitak gives teachers “a kid’s eye view of the innovative classroom” in this Elluminate presentation. Using examples, anecdotes, and engaging activities, Adora humorously and honestly shares strategies educators can use in their classrooms to get kids excited and passionate about learning. She encourages the use of interactive writing activities and demonstrates use of innovative strategies in learning and teaching. Her goal is to encourage other students to become passionate and serious about learning, and in this session she works with teachers to reach that goal.

You will learn:

  • how to tap into students’ enthusiasm for expressing and contributing their ideas in a collaborative project
  • how to take advantage of easy and simple functions to create dynamic and inviting content
  • how to empower and enhance students’ learning capacity by creating activities that create results
  • that learning is a two-way street; knowing how your students learn gives you insights on how to teach
  • Because Adora is both a teacher and a student, she has a uniquely comprehensive grasp of today’s educational landscape- her vision for the future is innovative yet realistic. She advocates for technology and inquiry-based learning while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of delivering classical knowledge in a captivating context.

    For more info about Adora, please visit her website and interviews from UK Telegraph, Chicago Tribune and CNN news.
    Adlora Svitak’s
    UK Telegraph:
    Chicago Tribune:
    CNN News:


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