Moodling with Montana :)

I had the opportunity on May 27th to talk with Jeff Patterson, IT Director for Great Falls Public Schools, and teachers in that district about the ways I use Moodle in my math classes. Using Adobe ConnectNow, I was able to take them on a virtual tour of my Moodle sites and show the activities my students have participated in this year such as our choices activities, glossary, Hot Potatoes quizzes, ExamView assessments, and other tasks.

As I look at ways to improve my use of Moodle next year, I’m inspired by this article at the New York Times. Here’s an excerpt:

  • Math students in this high-performing school district used to rush through their Algebra I textbooks only to spend the first few months of Algebra II relearning everything they forgot or failed to grasp the first time. So the district’s frustrated math teachers decided to rewrite the algebra curriculum, limiting it to about half of the 90 concepts typically covered in a high school course in hopes of developing a deeper understanding of key topics. Last year, they began replacing 1,000-plus-page math textbooks with their own custom-designed online curriculum…

I will be teaching three sections of Algebra-Geometry 2 next year and think this may be perfect! I guess now I have my summer project. 🙂


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