Cell phones in the classroom?

In an age where teachers and students alike seem to be increasingly annoyed by the fight over cell phones in the classroom, is there a way to harness this technology and integrate it into the classroom appropriately? In an age where school budgets are declining, school technology is aging, and many students come to school with the latest and greatest right in their own pockets, it seems foolish to not look at ways in which cell phones can be used to help both students and teachers alike.

Please share the ways in which you use this technology in your own classroom. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cell phones in the classroom?

  1. I like the idea of integrating cell phones into classroom time. After all, students are using them anyway. Sometimes it’s better to redirect behavior towards more useful ends rather than attempt to extinguish the behavior altogether. The later often results in frustration and an unwanted “militarization” of the classroom. Thanks for the links–I struggle sometimes with an appropriate response to cell phone (mostly texting) behavior in the classroom. Elizabeth


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