YouTube Alternatives

I’m a big fan of the blog FREE TECHNOLOGY FOR TEACHERS because after all, free is the right price. 🙂 Two ofTV their posts share some interesting YouTube alternatives.

One reason you may want a YouTube alternative is that many districts have blocked access to YouTube. Within my own district, access is blocked to everyone during school hours because of bandwidth issues but it opens to staff before and after school hours. Nice, but doesn’t help me during class although the tech department will download YouTube vids during off hours for use the next day. If you also have access issues, here is a great post that gives 30+ alternatives to YouTube that may work for you.

Another post gives another YouTube alternative called Vidque, a new service that aims to help users curate their own collections of the best videos available on the Internet. Vidque allows users to grab videos fromvarious sources such as YouTube,, TED, and Vimeo and put them into collections that they can share and it even uses the videos you grab to help you locate more videos.


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