Strawpoll is an easy-to-use polling software that allows your to quickly gather information from your students.  Just enter your question and answer choices, decide whether you want the question to be single-answer or multi-select, and then create! The URL for your new poll will be displayed and ready for use. To view the results of your poll, just visit the poll URL and click “results” on the bottom right corner of the page.

Here’s a poll I created this morning for my Precalculus students at the beginning of class regarding the previous lesson:

Hope you find this to be a useful tool!


2 thoughts on “Strawpoll

  1. Question – do you have students go to the website on computers in the room? on their phones? How do you do the management of this tool?


    1. Maryknoll High School is a 1-to-1 laptop environment so all of my students have their own personal laptops, but they could also use cell phones too. I tend to use a lot of different polling software, and I like this one for single questions and especially for homework checkins or exit slips. I think it would be a great poll for homework; you could ask which question was most difficult on an assignment. Or you could use it to check progress on an extended task or project. I can think of lots of uses!

      For me, I like using it if I already have students on their computers but would find it too much trouble to log into the network for one question. I would be likely to require students to answer before class. If you asked students to identify the most difficult problem before class began, you could show the results and then use it to guide your discussion of the homework.


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