“Things that make you go Hmmmm…”

It’s a song by C+C Music Factory and a great classroom strategy to foster question asking in the classroom. Present students with a situation that creates that “Whaaaat?” feeling and makes them want to figure out what happened. Here are a couple of my favs:

Many math classes could use a little more “Hmmmm…” for students, experiences that naturally make students WANT to ask questions and investigate. Dan Meyer refers to problems like this as WTF problems; read his post to learn more about WTF problems and the idea of disequilibrium. Then try it in your own classroom!

I’m excited that Dan Meyer will be speaking at Northshore School District on 8/20/15 for our 2015 NSD Summer Institute! If you aren’t familiar with Dan’s work, watch his TED talk, Math Class Needs a Makeover or the talk that he gave at the NCTM Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Video Games & Making Math More Like Things Students Like, and read his blog, dy/dan.

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