Building Math Teacher Leaders through District Math Fellows

P2AwordleIn Fall 2014 I established the Northshore Secondary Math Fellows Program to support development and growth of math teacher leaders in Northshore School District and as a way to share learning from the state Fellows convenings with teachers in my district. During the 2014-2015 school year, participants began their study of NCTM’s Principles to Actions and focused on the math teaching practice, Implementing Tasks that Support Reasoning and Problem Solving. As we near the end of the school year and I reflect, I am happy with the program’s initial success but definitely see ways to make this a richer experience for teachers.

The 2015-2016 NSD Math Fellows program will continue this work and will focus on classroom implementation of the math teaching practices. We will do this through a combination of face-to-face meetings, participation in our online course, Principles to Actions, and instructional coaching support. In designing next year’s program, I researched best practices for teacher professional development and have taken suggestions from current Math Fellows into consideration to create a professional learning model that:

  • is collaborative, job-embedded, and directly applicable to the daily work of instructing students
  • supports implementation of new strategies into daily instruction, rather than a one-shot meeting or workshop that leaves it up to the teacher to figure out how to put new learning into practice.
Through the 2015-2016 NSD Math Fellows program, teachers will:
  • Build understanding of the math teaching practices presented in NCTM’s Principles To Actions 
  • Develop and implement lessons that incorporate math teaching practices
  • Receive support from colleagues through collaborative planning and peer coaching
  • Become more reflective practitioners

I’m excited to work with our teacher leaders and support their work with students!

If you would like more information about the NSD Math Fellows Program, check out the following resources:

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