Getting ready for the NSD Summer Institute!

The 2017 NSD Summer Institute is scheduled for August 21-25, 2017. Teachers in the Northshore School District have several opportunities for professional development during this year’s Summer Institute. Here are the math sessions available to NSD teachers.

  • Instructional Strategies for Teaching in the Block: With the transition to a block schedule, many teachers are interested in strategies for teaching in the block. On Wednesday, August 23rd, Shannon McCaw of SMc Publishing will be sharing instructional strategies for engaging students in the secondary math classroom in her workshop, Engaging Students in the 6-12 Math Classroom. I attended Shannon’s workshop in Federal Way last November and it was fantastic. Check out Shannon’s website at
  • Instructional Strategies for Elementary:
    • On Wednesday, August 23rd, Laura Nelson of SMc Publishing  will be sharing strategies for infusing the CCSS Mathematical Practices into the MX’13 math curriculum in her workshop, Engaging Students in the K-5 Math Classroom. Laura currently works with Tigard-Tualitin School District to enrich their MX’13 curriculum and I’m excited for her to share her expertise and experience with NSD teachers! This full-day workshop is currently open for registration to the Elementary Math Leadership Team; please see details below.
    • On Thursday, August 24th, elementary teachers have the opportunity to learn about Using 3-Act Math Tasks in K-5. This half-day training is appropriate for those new to 3-Acts as well as for teachers who have some experience but want to deepen their knowledge, and will include time for planning for implementation of a 3-Act Math Task in your own classroom.
  • 6-8 Math Pilot: On Thursday, August 24th, 6-8 Math Pilot teachers will attend training with Andrew Byrnes of Pearson to prepare to pilot the CMP3 math curriculum during the 1st quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.
  • STEM: On Friday, August 25, secondary math teachers have the opportunity to attend a full-day Desmos workshop. There is a beginner workshop, Using Desmos in 6-12 Mathematics, for those completely new to Desmos as well as a Desmos 2.0 workshop for more experienced users, Engaging Students with Desmos 2.0. Participants will earn 6 STEM clock hours.

For more information about these sessions or to register to attend, NSD teachers can visit the 2017 NSD Summer Institute math offerings. I look forward to seeing NSD teachers in a couple weeks!

Patty Stephens

K-12 Math TOSA

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