Resources from YouCubed is a free K-12 math resource from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. Many of you are familiar with the Week of Inspirational Math, but here are a few of the other resources you’ll find on the site.

Mathematical Mindset AlgebraAlgebra big ideas

Mathematical Mindset Algebra is a 4-week curriculum unit developed by Youcubed to introduce algebraic concepts at any grade level. In the Week 3 materials, students continue exploring linear functions, this time comparing them to quadratic functions while creating and analyzing multiple representations of both functions. Youcubed also has a discussion group on Facebook for those who would like to share ideas about the algebra curriculum with others, and Week 4 will be available on September 25!

Mindset Mathematics for Grades 3-6

Algebra big ideasCreated by Jo Boaler, Jen Munson and Cathy Williams, Mindset Mathematics is designed around the principle of active student engagement, with tasks that reflect the latest brain science on learning. Open, creative, and visual math tasks have been shown to improve student test scores, and more importantly change their relationship with mathematics and start believing in their own potential. The tasks in Mindset Mathematics reflect the lessons from brain science that:

  • There is no such thing as a math person – anyone can learn mathematics to high levels.
  • Mistakes, struggle and challenge are the most important times for brain growth.
  • Speed is unimportant in mathematics.
  • Mathematics is a visual and beautiful subject, and our brains want to think visually about mathematics.

With engaging questions, open-ended tasks, and four-color visuals that will help kids get excited about mathematics, Mindset Mathematics is organized around nine big ideas which emphasize the connections within the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and can be used with any current curriculum.

Online Courses for Teachers

Stanford offers two online courses for teachersMathematical Mindsets and How To Learn Math For Teachers.

The Mathematical Mindsets course helps educators inspire and boost math achievement. You’ll learn the latest neuroscientific research on the best methods by which students learn math, as well as the specific methods and approaches you can use to successfully help your students develop a growth mindset.

How To Learn Math For Teachers explores the new research ideas on mathematics learning and student mindsets that can transform students’ experiences with math. Whether you are a teacher preparing to implement the new State Standards, a parent wanting to give your children the best math start in life, an administrator wanting to know ways to encourage math teachers or another helper of math learners, this course will help you. Watch this video to view an overview of the online course.

Both of these courses are self-paced, and participants will receive a Record of Completion upon finishing the course. Tuition for each course is $99 payable to Stanford. I am currently setting up inservices in PD Place so that teachers who complete a course can be awarded clock hours through NSD (more details to follow).

Free Online Course for Students (or anybody)

How to Learn Math is a free class for learners of all levels of mathematics. It combines really important information on the brain and learning with new evidence on the best ways to approach and learn math effectively. Many people have had negative experiences with math, and end up disliking math or failing. This class will give learners of math the information they need to become powerful math learners, it will correct any misconceptions they have about what math is, and it will teach them about their own potential to succeed and the strategies needed to approach math effectively. If you have had past negative experiences with math this will help change your relationship to one that is positive and powerful.
NOTE: Teachers are welcome to take this free course, but no clock hours can be awarded for this online course since the course doesn’t supply a Certificate of Completion. Teachers who wish to earn clock hours should consider taking the course, How To Learn Math For Teachers (see above).

For Parents

Youcubed has a variety of resources and articles that may help parents (and teachers!) support their child’s mathematical learning.  ~


Happy YouCube-ing!

~Patty Stephens


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