CL Byte: CL note with input

This year I facilitated a Desmos Computation Layer PLC for teachers in my district. It has been a great opportunity to learn with and from my colleagues as we develop our CL skills! To help teachers learn more about CL, I am curating a collection of CL things and also plan to create a series of short tutorials for various CL elements. These ‘CL Bytes’ are meant to be bite-sized tutorials for those who may not have any formal programming experience from the perspective of someone who is trying to make sense of it all herself. 🙂 So here you go, CL Byte #1.

CL Byte: CL note with input

In this video I talk through how to use Desmos Computation Layer to create a CL note that changes based on an input. Here is the Desmos Activity Builder I used in this video. Enjoy!