Sustainable Classroom Update

I’ve just completed Year Two of this project and when I think back to how I taught two years ago compared to now, I barely recognize that teacher. I’ve been involved in several technology grants through the years but this one by far has done more to change the way I teach than any other project.

Kash VanCleef and I made a joint presentation at the year-end Sustainable Classroom Project Celebration on June 27th. We shared our experiences using technology in our classes, described our mathcast project, and shared our plans for our 2007 Qwest Foundation Learning Technology Grant. Our presentation wasn’t recorded live, but I hope to have a Camtasia recording of our presentation to share soon.

After our presentation, we were presented with some new toys – brand new Hitachi BT-2G Bluetooth tablets! I’d like to give a special thanks to Nicole Rausch of Hitachi America and to Bob Berry of Troxell Communications for our new toys. )

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